Christian Volosky

Director of Extension and Technology Transfer.

Graduate in Agronomic Sciences University of Chile (2004). He began his activity more than 22 years ago, focusing on the field of Agricultural Entomology, as Associate Researcher at the University of Chile (School of Agronomy, 2002-2006), to later take his knowledge to the field of research in private companies. . He was linked, for more than 16 years, to the pesticide industry, holding the position of Line Manager Insecticides and Acaricides at ANASAC Chile SA., and later serving as R&D Technical Director, of the same company. In addition, he has been Executive Director of XILEMA SpA, as well as an Entomology advisor to agro-export companies in Chile and abroad. His interest in research led him to obtain a Diploma in Statistical Analysis for Agricultural Studies (Universidad de Chile, 2012). He has participated as a speaker in national and international conferences and as author of more than 14 technological and scientific transfer publications. As of May 2023, he joined SIDAL, with the idea of ​​continuing to contribute knowledge through technology transfer and continue developing as a researcher in the area of ​​Agricultural Entomology.